Something I do at the beginning of my relationship with any client is coach them through a social media cleanse.  It is absolutely imperative people understand social media messaging and its role as an effective brand messenger for the company and brand.

Once you do the hard work of figuring out your brand persona, nailing your target audience, knowing what content supports an ideal client, beginning telling your story, sharing your values… you want to make sure it all aligns with what you are getting across on your digital platforms, including social media. When people first discover you, they will look you up online and go through your social profiles. Make sure what they find is an accurate representation of who you are!

Go through your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social accounts and look at all your posts as far back as they exist. With your brand mission and messaging in mind, take the ones that aren’t ‘on-brand’; maybe they are a little goofy, maybe the photo quality isn’t great, maybe they diverge from what you are focusing on now; and delete them. Purge what isn’t directly related to your audience or your mission. You want your audience to get know who you are, what your brand is about, and especially in the earlier years of brand development – YOU MUST STAY IN YOUR LANE!

Anything outside or counterintuitive to your message or that lacks clarity around your mission is just a distraction. Remember that you can always share items that fall outside of your brand guidelines on your personal channels.

While you are digging around in your social networks, take some time to interact with your community. 'Like' people’s posts, read all the comments, leave an authentic response to a post that moves you, and keep an eye out for people who seem to really be liking what you are saying. Perhaps you can do a bit of outreach to connect with them and drive some interest or new business? Search popular hashtags in your niche and communicate with people who are in your audience or industry: already posting about their lives and a natural fit as a consumer or project partner.

There are apps like Tailwind that can tell you who is looking at and responding to your content the most. Reach out to those people, DM them something authentic, and start building a relationship with them.



A very good boss gal friend of mine, Carolyn Banner who runs BodyByBanner, and I have discussed this process several times, and she knows how important it also is to add a touch of personal story for her brand while maintaining laser focus on posts that inspire, educate, and support her target audience.

After working diligently to nail down her channels in this process, she shared this: "One of the ways that I try to streamline my social media channels is to keep my posts into 3 major buckets. Each bucket captures an area of knowledge I want to share with my audience or a fact about my philosophy. For example, on Instagram I try to keep at least 90% of my posts within the 3 buckets of: 1) what I'm eating and why, 2) how I'm moving and why, and 3) "a day in the life" which is more personal, includes photos of my family and relevant social causes."

Follow her clear, concise nutrition and fitness messaging on IG here: @body_by_banner 

Below is a great video from Gary Vaynerchuck on how to use Instagram Direct Messages to do business development. The key is providing other people more value in what you can offer, and possibly getting yourself out to people you want to work with by adding a benefit to their work without expectation of anything in return. It’s a GIVE-GIVE-GET philosophy, and in the long run, you will learn more, support those you respect, and the efforts will come back to you in over the long term. It's a karmic principle!

Do not be attached to the outcome – offer value, put your head down and deliver the work you promise, and know that you will be learning and earning magic for the future of your brand. "It Goes Down in the DM":


  • Take 2 hours a day for a full week to complete the following:
  • Go through all your social media profiles and get rid of all the content that is ‘off-brand’.
  • Design and schedule 3 social posts that showcase on-brand messaging and give your audience one solid piece of information: 1) a photo of someone participating in your business offerings and why, 2) celebration of a client success story and lesson learned, 3) relevant personal or team moment
  • Search for popular hashtags in your space and Direct Message or Email 5-10 people attached to these whose content you dig. Tell them why you enjoyed, respect, or learned from their content and offer them a value-add:  free offer, consult, share their content, or beneficial partner project